Property Services

Property Services

Wheeler Real Estate Company manages and administers all of its centers through its internal property services department. Our goal is to maximize the return on investment for our equity partners through asset appreciation and cash flow enhancement. Asset appreciation is a function of tenant retention and facilities management. Wheeler Real Estate Company creates value for investors through the active property management of its centers. We believe the close interaction between property management, lease administration and accounting are essential to the success of each property. We also believe we are partners with our tenants at each of the centers. Wheeler Real Estate Company, therefore, offers unparalleled levels of service to our partners/tenants to ensure that each tenant is provided the best environment in which to maximize sales.

Property Management is the key to maximizing the return on an investment in real estate. By providing personal service and attention to all details affecting the profitability of a property, our management team makes a significant contribution to the retention of current tenants, the attraction of new tenants and the overall cash flow from the property.

Our team provides:

  • Regular property visits
  • Detailed site notes
  • Cultivated contractor relationships
  • Construction/Tenant build-outs
  • Proactive approach to maintenance issues
  • Marketing services

We are also actively involved in the communities that support our properties. By joining the local Chambers of Commerce and participating in events, we contribute to the overall success of the neighborhoods where our properties are located.

Our team members are well versed in the hands-on philosophy of Wheeler Real Estate Company. This management style incorporates a personal knowledge of the property with a strong involvement within the surrounding community. This allows us to anticipate any changes that may affect our investments and prepare accordingly.

Wheeler Real Estate Company also provides the above services to third party owners.

For information on property services we offer, please contact Andy Franklin, Chief Operating Officer, e-mail.

Lease Administration

Lease administration is one of the most important functions of owning and managing commercial real estate. Lease administration is responsible for interpreting the leases, projecting and collecting revenue from the properties and maintaining all organization files.

Contact: Andy Franklin e-mail.


Accounting is one of the most technical and detail-oriented functions associated with owning and managing commercial real estate. This service is essential for the timely collection of rent, payment of vendors and distribution of financial information for individual properties.

Our property accounting group offers numerous services, such as:

  • Mortgage company correspondence and escrow management and payment
  • Cash flow management
  • Monthly financial reviews for each individual property
  • Financial reporting packages to owners/investors
  • Quarterly distributions to owners/investors
  • Annual tax preparations